Step Into Quality

Since 2015, Kendall Miles has been committed to offering high-quality, luxury footwear. We’re a family-run, independent company that has remained faithful to only manufacturing and producing internationally in Florence, Italy. We partner with family-owned vendors to ensure all of our products are handcrafted using only the finest ethically sourced, sustainable materials. At our core, our designs feature custom-dyed leathers and exotic skins, voluminous furs, and semi-precious hardware - imported from Italy.

Kendall Miles was built on the belief that luxury footwear should offer durability, versatility, functionality, and accessibility. Our uniquely crafted, ever-evolving footwear is designed with you in mind. Each collection features timeless wardrobe staples that allow our clients to live boldly while stepping into quality. 

Our Mission

As a black-owned, woman-led luxury brand, we subscribe to the idea that boundaries should be pushed, not met. One of our founding principles at Kendall Miles is that Black women deserve luxury too. We believe in glorifying the importance of being the best, wanting the best, and doing the most.

Our designs are curated with the belief that footwear should evoke feelings of empowerment. Kendall Miles' is about living confidently and letting go of the idea that we should settle for less and live average. Our mission is to create statement pieces that encourage our clients to get comfortable with the truth, and the truth is, we are all worthy of luxury, comfort, and quality.

Meet the Designer

Kendall Reynolds, the Founder and Design Director of Kendall Miles is a Chicago native who graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations. After learning how to design footwear on her own, she immersed herself in her craft by receiving formal design training at the world-renowned accessories design university, Ars Sutoria in  Milan, Italy. She later moved to New York City where she spent two years building an impressive network in the fashion industry.

Taking her learnings and returning back to Los Angeles, Kendall established Kendall Miles in 2015.  As a luxury designer who designs for women in a male-dominated industry, building a team composed of all Black women was a high priority. 

“My designs are very much dependent on understanding the needs of Kendall Miles consumers. I want my designs to be the source that allows women to see that luxury pieces are their birthright because luxury is in our DNA.”

The Kendall Miles team relies on the client experience to better the brand. Kendall works to ensure that the product and brand messaging shows each client the importance of choosing quality footwear that is comfortable yet bold. Kendall’s innovative designs are staples in the wardrobes of some of Hollywood’s most prestigious celebs such as Rihanna, Kehlani, Regina King, and Lupita N’yongo to name a few. 

“We have one goal and that is to serve our clients. We meet their needs by designing quality, luxury footwear that changes the trajectory of their lives.”  - Kendall Reynolds

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