SHADES Collection

This Is Your Nude

Historically, nude shoes have been limited and basic.

A one-shade-fits-all approach to solving a universal need for women. The problem is, we desire something different. We want our nudes to speak for us - not only to celebrate our diverse backgrounds but to step into a room and make a statement.

This is our love letter to the muses that aren’t boring or basic. The ones that require more of their nudes than a tired patent-leather pump.

'Siren' Platform Pumps in Midnight

The Platform Pump

Siren Platform Pumps - handcrafted with the finest quality, Italian-sourced patent leather.

Made in Italy

Our Brand Story

Founded in 2015, Kendall Miles’ commitment to offering high-quality, luxury footwear is the heart of our brand. We’re a family-run, independent company that has remained faithful to only manufacturing and producing internationally in Florence, Italy. We partner with family-owned vendors to ensure all of our products are handcrafted using only the finest ethically sourced, sustainable materials.

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