The Fire That Burns Within

Nerves and self-doubt are obstacles every woman must overcome, whether it’s making a presentation at work or going on a first date. But those weak moments are fleeting, because you are a confident, successful woman. You command any room and comfortably control any situation. When others are panicking, you stay calm and cool.

Many may ask, what’s your secret? A sly smile and a simple glance down is the only response needed. Sexy shoes have long been the hallmark of successful women. There is nothing sexier, or more powerful, than a woman in a sexy pair of boots or stiletto heels, paired with a beautiful dress, smart business attire or even a pair of form-fitting jeans. But to light a fire in all of those you encounter, shoes must first light a fire within you.  

That fire, warmth, passion, and longing is something everyone should feel when they see that perfect pair of shoes. That is the inspiration and what drives Kendall Miles Designs. We don’t want to create footwear, we want to create a passionate fire in every woman, regardless of body or bank account size, a fire that creates fires in all those around her.

Sexy shoes from Kendall Miles Designs empowers women to never doubt their strength, their sex appeal or their role in this world. And when the man or woman in your life races home to lovingly declare that you complete them, casually smile and glance down at the sexy shoes that you confidently recognize complete you.


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