Take A Chance, Like These Fashion “Rule Breakers”

What do fashion designers, artists, and trendsetters all have in common? To start, they’ve never been afraid to break the rules and shake things up. You can’t talk about iconic rule breakers in the fashion industry without discussing Alessandro Michele, creative director at Gucci.

Alessandro has taken a new approach to gender-centric ideas and the aesthetic of the Gucci brand. His fearlessness to push the boundaries reinforces his status as not only one of the hardest working individuals in fashion, but also one of its most brilliant.

Setting a bar that’s already raised incredibly high starts with creativity. Technology plays a role, too, as the latest tools like 3-D fashion design have helped Alessandro and others re-imagine style and embellishment, as well as reduce time to market. But ultimately, it takes a special fearlessness that only certain designers have. Many are afraid to take chances and prefer to design around the latest trends.

Not me.

Unlike most shoe designers, I’m not afraid to take chances. I don’t adhere to shoe trends, a move considered risky by most boutique owners and department stores. But every so often, you meet a store owner that has a special vision to see far into the future beyond the latest shoe trends, and in this case, that visionary owner was Ikram Goldman. In April 2016, my collection was picked up by Ikram, a popular Chicago boutique. Other boutique owners normally are afraid to do anything different or go beyond a certain comfort zone, but not Ikram, who says, ‘That’s an amazing design, I can sell that.’

Don’t be afraid to buck the trends. We live in an era where shoe designs that were popular decades ago are still sexy today. You don’t have to adhere to shoe trends or styles. Carve out your own niche and celebrate your uniqueness, just like Alessandro and Ikram.

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