Supporting the Powerful Women of Today



Women have never been more powerful than they are today, taking charge in the business world and the political world without sacrificing their distinct styles and fashions. Like the fabulous shoes they wear, these women are tough, confident, strong and smart. They don’t follow the leader, they are the leaders, the ones setting the trends, always staying one step ahead of everyone else.


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is someone that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, and that also applies to the shoes she wears to her Menlo Park, Calif., office. Whether it’s a red, blue or black platform, she feels confident and supported.


Jessica Alba is used to commanding attention on screen and on the red carpet, but her chic style that blends colorful, bold patterns with head-turning heels ensures all eyes stay on her even when the cameras stop rolling.


Gwyneth Paltrow has been inspiring millions of women worldwide with her lifestyle brand, goop, as well as through her own unique fashion style. Her style personifies the empowered, independent woman, and it all starts with the impactful footwear statement she makes every day, whether it’s ankle boots, evening pumps, leather sneakers, pointy flats or platform sandals.


The Kendall Miles Designs collection is filled with shoes that empower women like Sheryl, Jessica or Gwyneth. Like the Attitude Oxblood calf boot, it is designed for a woman who know she cannot be manipulated or deceived. If anyone tries to fool you, you will have your retribution.


The sky is the limit for the modern woman, and nothing can hold us back. We will continue to rise, and we’ll do it with our feet firmly planted in shoes that match our drive and determination.


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