Scene Stealing Stiletto Boots

When I think about some of my favorite movie scenes or films, be it a retro film or a modern movie, there seems to be a common theme—the heroine wearing sleek, sexy stiletto boots. While Meryl Streep stole the spotlight as demanding fashion editor Amanda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, it was Anne Hathaway’s Andy that really stood out to me. She went from the outsider in the office to owning the office with her luxury fashion boots, ultimately earning a position as Amanda’s top assistant.

Or let’s travel to 41st century space circa 1968 with Jane Fonda as Barbarella. Jane owned the screen with those long, clean, white high heel boots that every girl wanted after seeing her provocative performance. Want another unforgettable screen moment? How about Sophia Loren as Yasmin Azir in Arabesque. Who can forget when she tried on those magnificent knee high boots?


These scenes were so memorable because those luxurious shoes didn’t define them, they defined those shoes, much like one of my favorites from the Kendall Miles Designs collection, the Attitude Oxblood Calf boot. It’s a little punk rock and a whole lot of sexy. Its sleek, simple structure is ornamented with gleaming gold studs and fasteners, as well as a detachable pouch for enhanced visual interest. And perhaps the best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. The base of the shoe features a hidden five-millimeter platform with double insole padding to discreetly lessen the heel’s pitch and make the boot more comfortable for walking.


You don’t need a makeup artist, hair stylist, director or cameraman to own the room the way Anne, Jane and Sophia did in their movies. You are the star, with your stiletto boots playing an important supporting role.


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