Proud Member of the Young Fashionistas Club

Luxury shoe designs have long made a statement about women and their achievements. The confident, successful woman’s story can be told simply by her inspirational footwear, and those stories are being crafted by young fashionistas who are reinvigorating luxury shoe design with fresh, stylish approaches.

Women such as Brother Vellies creative director Aurora James and French accessories designer Amelie Pichard are making statements, not only as entrepreneurs, but as fashion designers committed to female empowerment.

I’m honored to stand with these and other young female designers with wonderfully unique visions that accommodate a woman’s distinct wants and needs. Women can feel strong and stand proud in unique footwear that both supports and distinguishes them from the crowd. As a proud member of the young fashionistas club, I truly embrace my role in helping a woman feel proud to be the woman that she is, a woman that turns heads and makes a statement. One of the most popular shoe designs from the Kendall Miles Designs collection is the ‘Pout’ shoe with powerful gait.

This shoe was designed for a woman who knows who she is and what she wants, someone that takes deep satisfaction in their achievements, intelligence and not settling for second best. Validation is unnecessary, this shoe proudly screams that you love who are you and what you do. Be proud of your accomplishments and let your lifestyle express your passion for the finer things in life.

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