5 Questions with Designer Kendall Reynolds

Combining avant-garde construction methods while maintaining a timeless, classic look, Kendall Reynolds is the must-know shoe designer behind Kendal Miles DesignsBorn and raised on the Southside of Chicago, she is currently a senior at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where she started Kendall Miles Designs from her campus apartment. Talk about an entrepreneurial spirit!

Kendall attended Ars Sutoria, a world-leading fashion school in Milano, Italy, where she learned the technical development methods for shoes, from design to construction. She is committed to maintaining true to couture standards, with all products hand-made in Italy and all designs hand sketched by Kendall herself.

At only 21, Kendall is already a standout in the shoe industry, receiving high praise from industry professionals. Before she becomes a household name, I had to get the first scoop!

Choupette Social Girl: Fill in the blank: If shoes could talk, they would say


Kendall Reynolds: Get in, we’re going to steal the spotlight!

CSG: What is your shoe design process?

KR: I spend several weeks developing and researching my inspiration for an upcoming season. Once I have an idea of my collection aesthetic, I begin sketching. My favorite part of the process is seeing my ideas visually come to life. Once I have sketches finalized I will send to my agent in Italy who will translate the details into Italian for the manufacturer to create the first prototypes.

CSG: Where do you find shoe inspiration? On the streets/other designers/influencers/celebs/etc?

KRMy biggest inspiration comes from a personal desire for individualism and fascination with the vintage designs from 1940s-1960s.

CSG: As such a young designer, do you believe there is more pressure on you within the industry?

KRMost of my pressures don’t come from the industry, but are rather internal standards that I hold myself to. Being both the CEO and creative director of Kendall Miles Designs, I always want to be sure that I’m meeting appropriate deadlines and following good business practice, all while producing creative and innovative designs for my collections.

CSG: What 3 types of shoes should a woman ALWAYS have in her closet?

KR: Black pointed toe stiletto 4 inches or higher, [a] summer sandal adorned with either gold/silver chains or precious stones, and knee high nlack leather boot that fit like a glove.


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