A Fashion Education That’s Second to None

Before launching my first collection, I attended Ars Sutoria in Milan to make sure that I was equipped with the skills to successfully create a shoe collection. I couldn’t think of a better place to hone my craft, attending the world leading school for fashion designer training in the fashion capital of Italy.

Ars Sutoria provides one-of-a-kind shoes and bags design and pattern making courses that have helped transform talented fashion design students into world-famous fashion designers for 70 years. Under the guidance of fabulous teachers like Adriano Lunati, legendary shoe designers like Moya Bowler and Andrea Pfister were provided with the foundation to flourish in their careers once they left Ars Sutoria.


There is so much that I loved about my experience at Ars Sutoria, beyond the inspirational location, rich history and the friendships I made, all of which remain very special to me. It’s the work I put in and the education I received that really helped shape the shoe designer I am today. That included intensive training in all aspects of shoe development, from design to construction. But I loved it, and having the opportunity to put that knowledge to use in the Ars Sutoria laboratory where I could experiment with designs—it was in that room where some of my shoe designs that exude femininity and elegance with refined sexuality were created. Ultimately, the work there evolved into the Kendall Miles Designs luxury shoe collection that you see today.


Beyond my time at Ars Sutoria, my collection also draws on inspiration from other fashion designers, including Hideki Sato, Chelsea Fu and Joseph C. Moore. Hideki is a shoe designer and graduated with a concentration of accessories design. He is working for Andre Assous after being hired as a full-time designer and visits factories in Spain and Italy for the brand. Chelsea is another multidisciplinary designer who is also focused on accessory design. She enjoys the design of shoes and leather handbags. She graduated from the Parsons School for Design and is brilliantly talented. And Joseph, who is one of the most respected fashion designers in the industry, specializes in footwear and rose to prominence in the fashion industry through his hard work and determination. As the President and CEO of the Fashion Footwear Association of New York and Chairman of Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation, he helps students pursue their careers in fashion.


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