Fashion Icon Rihanna Steps Out in Kendall Miles Designs ‘Pout’ Boot

When creating my first designs, it was imperative for me to create shoes that were bold and for women who long for disruption and choose to take risks and live life fearlessly. Women like style icon, Rihanna. A few months ago, Rihanna ordered ‘Pout’ in two colors. Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the boot […]

Supporting the Powerful Women of Today

    Women have never been more powerful than they are today, taking charge in the business world and the political world without sacrificing their distinct styles and fashions. Like the fabulous shoes they wear, these women are tough, confident, strong and smart. They don’t follow the leader, they are the leaders, the ones setting […]

A Fashion Education That’s Second to None

Before launching my first collection, I attended Ars Sutoria in Milan to make sure that I was equipped with the skills to successfully create a shoe collection. I couldn’t think of a better place to hone my craft, attending the world leading school for fashion designer training in the fashion capital of Italy. Ars Sutoria […]

Proud Member of the Young Fashionistas Club

Luxury shoe designs have long made a statement about women and their achievements. The confident, successful woman’s story can be told simply by her inspirational footwear, and those stories are being crafted by young fashionistas who are reinvigorating luxury shoe design with fresh, stylish approaches. Women such as Brother Vellies creative director Aurora James and […]

Take A Chance, Like These Fashion “Rule Breakers”

What do fashion designers, artists, and trendsetters all have in common? To start, they’ve never been afraid to break the rules and shake things up. You can’t talk about iconic rule breakers in the fashion industry without discussing Alessandro Michele, creative director at Gucci. Alessandro has taken a new approach to gender-centric ideas and the […]